18 Women Admit The Most Embarrassing Thing To Ever Happen To Them On A First Date

4. Danielle, 35-years-old.

I was on a date with a guy I met on Wall Street where I was working and he insisted on taking me out to a steakhouse for our first date. I felt uncomfortable going to such a fancy place for a first date, but he said he wanted to “treat me like a Queen.” During the dinner, I thought everything was going so well, but he kept staring at me funny. I ended up going to the bathroom after the main course and before we ordered coffee and realized, I had a huge piece of lettuce wedged in my front teeth from the salad we had earlier. He didn’t tell me I guess out of respect, but I felt pretty dumb for going an entire meal like that.

5. Hannah, 23-years-old.

We went to trivia night at a bar by the office we both worked in. I told him I loved trivia a while back when we were talking at work. But, I never mentioned I’m super bad at it. I didn’t get even one question right and felt like a total idiot.

6. Karen, 39-years-old.

I was on a date with a guy years ago and we went walking through this huge park in our town. I’m really, really allergic to dogs and whenever I’m super close to one, my eyes swell up. I know, it sucks. Anyway, we were walking by this dog walker and the guy leaned down to pet some of the dogs. I immediately knew that if we kissed, I’d have an allergic reaction to the dog hair all over him. Later that day, I had forgotten and we ended up making out in the car. After we stopped, my face was huge. Swollen as f*ck. The guy was freaked out and thought I had something wrong with me.