People Are Freaking Out Because They’re Convinced Nick Jonas Is Dating This Actress

For all you ladies who were banking on the idea that you would swoop in and steal the last single Jonas Brother on the market–we have some bad news for you.
While Joe and Kevin are both married/engaged, many were hoping they could win over the very attractive and talented Nick Jonas. However, recently, fans and media outlets have learned that the heartthrob may be off the market and dating a prominent actress–Priyanka Chopra.

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The two had reportedly met in the same circles several times and decided to attend the Met Gala together because they were both wearing Ralph Lauren. But, the two were said to have gone to the outing as “friends.” However, the two got rather close over Memorial Day weekend.

US Weekly reported that they spent more than one day together over the holiday weekend–attending the “Beauty and the Beast Live” concert at the Hollywood Bowl Friday, May 25 and going to an LA Dodgers game together on May 26.

Fans are automatically assuming that these two are an item officially, and while neither team has issued a comment or statement on the matter–we know that Nick Jonas isn’t the kind of guy who’s going to go out on a whim and admit he’s dating someone new. Fans are already stanning this relationships and loving it–whether it’s real or not.

Of course, with any celeb relationship that comes out, there are those who are not about it. Priyanka happens to be 10 years older than Nick–which fans so quickly pointed out. And, then, there were some who thought their girl Priyanka deserved better.

While the two make a pretty fire-hot couple–it’s unclear whether they’re just friends or something more. I, for one, would totally ship this duo and hope they are an item (sorry ladies).