People Are Obsessed With This Dad Showing Off Pictures Of His Son’s Boyfriend At Work

In today’s society, many people feel as though we have progressed enough as a civilization that it’s safe to come out as gay. While there have been great strides towards equality for the LGTBQ community, some families are still not comfortable with their family members coming out of the closet.
It’s disappointing and disheartening to know there are people out there in the world who fear to be themselves for the sake of their families, or sometimes even their safety. That’s why we always are touched to see families who support and empower their family members, no matter their choices. Recently, Twitter has been falling in love with one dad who is so proud of his son, he shows off photos of him and his boyfriend at work.

Louis, who is 18-years-old and from California, told BuzzFeed that whenever customers at his dad’s job ask about him, he talks about Louis and his boyfriend. So, he asked Louis to send over photos of the two so he can show them off at work.

After tweeting the text message, Twitter was moved.

Louis followed up with family photos saying how thankful he was for his parents and family.

This is the kind of pure content the world needs.