This Dad’s Trick To Score A Table At A Booked-Up Restaurant Ended Way Better Than Expected

We’ve all been in a situation where we want to eat at a restaurant, but there’s no tables and no room for reservations.

While it’s an unfortunate turn of events, what can we do when the restaurant is completely booked-up? Many of us would take the L and eat at a different restaurant that night. Others would book a reservation for another night. But, one dad proved that absolutely nothing is impossible when you want something bad enough–and, you have a creative brain. Twitter user @Ihab8knicks shared a video of his father who found a brilliant way to get a reservation at a restaurant they wanted to eat at–by calling back and telling the host that he was the Prime Minister of Morocco.

Not only did their family get a reservation at the restaurant, they got the best table in the establishment.


His father was also asked to sign a plate.


And, to take a picture with the restaurant’s head chef.


Clearly, @Ihab8knicks’ dad is an icon.

People on Twitter couldn’t handle how iconic this move was–and, that the family got away with it. They also cracked the best jokes.

A true legend–we are not worthy.