This Guy Got His Nephew A Banana For Christmas And His Reaction Is The Purest Thing You’ll See All Day

When it comes to the holidays, society has become so materialistic and stuck on what to get as gifts, we neglect to remember what the holiday season is truly about. So often, we’re concentrating on what to buy and what we want others to buy us, we forget to celebrate the good times where we are surrounded by friends and family. Instead, we’re busy ripping through wrapping paper in a rush to post our gifts all over social media and show off.

Sometimes, it’s the little things in life that truly matter most, and we can easily be reminded when we look at young kids. No one appreciates the holiday season like toddlers and children, so they’re the perfect way to remind us that less is sometimes more. Twitter user @dustingriffe showed us through the eyes of his nephew that everything is thoughtful when it comes from family. Even a banana.

After opening his Christmas gift to see he got a banana, his nephew was so genuinely excited, it will make your heartache. This is probably the purest Christmas video I’ve seen all year and I can’t get enough of it.

Apparently, other people on Twitter did the same thing with their young family members. As it turns out, young kids are the greatest people ever.

Other people just genuinely enjoyed seeing someone so excited about anything in life.

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