Beyoncé Just Dropped Merch For The Holidays And Every Item Is Flawless

Calling all Beehivers (is that what y’all go by? LMK), your Queen Bee has officially made your holidays #Flawless again. If you’re not sure what to put on your Christmas list, or someone in your office oh-so-luckily has your name for Secret Santa, you’ll be glad to know that Beyoncé just dropped a line of merch just in time for Christmas. Why not beg your parents/boyfriend/co-workers for some Bee-themed items? There’s no better way to celebrate a White..I mean Blue Christmas (get it?).

1. Have a thicc holiday sweater:

2. Holidayoncé white t-shirt:

3. Sis the season hoodie:

4. Yoncé onesie:

5. Best revenge is your paper wrapping paper: