18 Things That Will Make You Say ‘When Did I Get This Old?’

Seriously, we’re getting to that point where almost anything and everything simply just reminds us exactly how old we really are and truth be told it is very annoying. It feels like if it were just yesterday that we all looked up to the people our age and cringed at the thought of being that particular age because of course we were kids and what did we really know about life. Now, that we’ve hit that point all we want to do is travel back in time where we had absolutely zero responsibilities, no need to stress about anything, end our nights with our favorite shows or playing our un-educational video games and fighting with our parents for one more hour till it was time for curfew. Now, all we look forward too is our days off and a glass of wine after a long day. Redditers have all come out to speak about this interesting topic and share what makes them feel old and honestly, it’s just too real to handle.


I got excited about non-stick aluminum foil yesterday.


Thinking new pop cultural trends are stupid as all hell.


Looking forward to a quiet friday night and a good night sleep.