10 Wines That Pair Perfectly With Halloween Candy You Stole From Your Kids

Halloween is that one time of year when every parent’s diet goes out the window once their kid steps through the front door with boat-loads of candy. Let’s face it, we may not be buying chocolate bars whenever we go fill our prescriptions at the drug store, but, when there are hundreds of candy selections sitting in our living room, unguarded while our kids are in bed – who can say no? Cue the “sneaking through the house without making a sound to raid our kid’s stash” that we all do. But, there are ways to make the kid inside you still an adult by pairing these Halloween favorites with some sweet, rich, smooth wine. Because, honestly, Mommy needs her bottle too, Junior.

1. Snickers & White Zinfandel:

Everyone loves the rich, nutty flavor of a Snicker’s bar on Halloween. When pairing with wine, you’ll want something equally as flavorful to really pair-up well with the nutty aspects of the chocolate bar. White Zinfandel comes with an assortment of underlying fruity flavors such as raspberry, blackberry, strawberry, and citrus. The pairing of fruit and nuts have gone together for centuries, so this sweet pink wine is a match made in heaven.

2. Skittles & Sauvignon Blanc:

Skittles are most of the time extremely sweet and fruity in flavor, so pairing it with a wine that is fruity and zesty at the same time makes it a great match. This white wine is comprised of mainly lime, green apple, passion fruit and white peach flavors and is an extremely dry white. Pairing the sweetness of Skittles with the sweetness of Sauvignon Blac may seem overpowering, but the texture of the wine makes it perfectly delicious.

3. Butterfingers & Pinot Grigio:

Butterfingers are known to be sweet, crunchy and savory all at the same time, so pairing it with a dry and tangy Pinot Grigio will be the right choice. The wine has a citrus aftertaste that brings a powerful combination with the sweetness and crunchiness of Butterfingers. The taste of pears really come through when paired with the peanut buttery coating of this chocolate bar.

4. Candy Corn & Chardonnay:

Candy corn seems like the type of candy you wouldn’t want to pair up with a wine because of it’s overpowering flavors, but pairing it with a Chardonnay is actually a solid choice. The full-bodied white wine comes packed with an array of flavors from fruity to oak and earthy. When pairing with candy corn, you’re looking for one that has traces of butter and vanilla, so be sure to buy a bottle with a full-bodied, buttery, rich flavor.

5. Sour Patch Kids & Champagne:

Sour patch kids are every kid’s favorite “first they’re sour, then they’re sweet” candy and, I’m also a huge fan of sour candies. They are, however, often times difficult to pair with a wine because of the overpowering sourness. But, pairing it with a very acidic wine will help counteract this. Champagne is perfect because it embraces all the flavor in the candy while cleansing your palette at the same time. Plus, it’s always fun to have flavor on flavor together.

6. Gummy Bears & Pink Moscato/Rosé:

Gummy bears are sweet enough by themselves, but pairing them with a light wine is important to embracing their full-flavor. The primary flavors of rosé and Pink Moscato wines are red fruit, flowers, citrus, and melon, with a pleasant crunchy green flavor on the finish similar to celery or rhubarb. These flavors match well with the fruity and berry flavors of gummy bears – which is why so many companies are aiming to make “Rosé Gummy Bears.”