10 Wines That Pair Perfectly With Halloween Candy You Stole From Your Kids

7. Peanut Butter Cups & Port Wine:

Peanut butter cups are super heavy and rich in flavor, so pairing it with a thick wine may seem a bit crazy, but experts agree that Tawny wine is a great pairing for these bad boys. Port wine is both acidy and sweet together, so balancing this flavor with the peanut butter is key to not feeling as though you’re completely sabotaging the chocolate altogether.

8. Any dark chocolate and Merlot:

Dark chocolate and wine have been notorious in conversation amongst foodies and experts for years, so pairing dark chocolate with Merlot is a serious no-brainer. Merlot tends to be soft with mocha flavors hidden underneath it’s dark aesthetic. Pairing it with chocolate is simply something chefs have done for years in the industry. Dark chocolate and red go together well because it’s less sweet and more filled with cocoa.

9. Starburst & Pinot Noir:

Pinot Noir tends to be a very dry red wine typically, but the flavors behind the savory wine tend to be fruity and oak-filled. Many wine experts say that pinot noir is the type of red wine that can go with just about everything but pair them with fruity and sweet Starbursts and you have a beautiful mixture of fruit, and vanilla all-in-one.

10. Milk Chocolate & Sangria:

Milk chocolate tends to be a blank slate when it comes to candy. It’s rich and powerful, but not chock full of intense flavors that overpower your taste buds. Pairing milk chocolate with Sangria is a great match because the Sangria is filled with rich, powerful and sweet flavors that will match perfectly with the melt-in-your-mouth savoriness of milk chocolate.