Fiona The Hippo Photobombed This Couple’s Proposal, And It’s Kind Of Making The World Suck Less

In case you didn’t know, there’s a super sassy and awesome hippo at the Cincinnati Zoo.

No, really. Her name is Fiona and she’s the best. Easily one of the internet’s top 5 favorite baby hippos from Ohio. She hangs out, she twirls around, and she has fans all over the world, ready to get super passionate about defending her from all haters.

She’s also a total troll. Recently, a fellow named Nick Kelble proposed to his girlfriend Hayley Roll at the zoo, and guess who showed up in the background?

Yup. Queen Fiona herself decided to straight-photobomb the happy couple during their big moment. What a ham! It may have been unexpected, but it sure wasn’t unwelcome. “We’re so happy Fiona could be there on our special day,” said Hayley’s Instagram caption.

Frankly, who wouldn’t want Fiona the Hippo to be a part of their special day? Or their lives, forever?  She even stuck around for a sweet pic with the couple afterwards.

Fiona, we do not deserve you.