This Bride Planned For Her Best Friend’s Proposal At Her Own Wedding

What a friend.

Recently on the Internet, a story had gone viral after a bride had written into Dear Prudence on about a fight her and her husband had with one of their good friends. The story was that their friend, who was administering their wedding ceremony, was so moved by the moment that he stopped the wedding to propose to his own girlfriend.

Basically, they stopped speaking to him after this, citing that their friend ruined “their night.” You can read the full story HERE.

But, now, one bride has shared a story similar – but with a happier ending.

Jess Nakrayko, from Canada, was marrying the love of her life in a destination wedding in Jamaica. Jess, her closest friends and family and her soon-to-be husband boarded planes to get there and witness the true meaning of love under a Jamaican sunset. But, while it was Jess’ special day – she wanted to make sure her best friend Jessica Kieley shared in the bliss with her as well. Besides being her bridesmaid, Jess wanted to make her wedding special for her BFF, too.

Jessica had been dating her boyfriend seriously for a while and whenever Jess would as her friend about their turn to walk down the aisle, her BFF replied that she was too busy to think about it – planning Jess’ bachelorette party and helping plan the wedding.

So, Jess told Jessica’s boyfriend he should propose to her while they were all in Jamaica, how much more romantic can they be?

But, her friends’ boyfriend didn’t want to take any attention away from them on their wedding day. But, Jess insisted.

Jess decided to keep the plan super, super secretive and only tell her sister, the photographer and Jessica’s boyfriend, Adam and her now husband James.

While doing the bouquet toss, Jess passed over the bouquet to Jessica and waiting behind her, down on one knee, was her boyfriend.

Everyone was shocked – especially Jessica.

Some people think that sharing your wedding day with someone else is crazy, but Jess had a perfect explanation to why she did what she did.

“The way my husband and I looked at it was sometimes the actual concept of a wedding gets lost. It’s to marry your best friend and spend the rest of your life with them and celebrating love and sharing your love with everyone else.”