You Can Officially Be The Dancing Snapchat Hotdog For Halloween. It’s Lit.

So we’re officially down to the final countdown when it comes to the number of days left until Halloween and I’m sure most of you haven’t figured out WTF you’re going to be because – there’s nothing like the last minute, am I right? With all of your friends planning months in advance, looking through our countless *brilliant* costume articles for ideas, we’re sure you feel pretty dumb for not getting your sh*t together sooner. So, how are you supposed to make a grand entrance at your Halloween party without looking like sh*t on a stick? We got you covered – because Snapchat just made all of our wildest dreams come true.

Snapchat has launched their own little shop on Amazon and created the official Dancing Hotdog costume just in time for the trick-or-treating season. Imagine how popular you’ll be at the party when you roll through in the legit version of the Snapchat Hotdog – everyone will want to take a selfie with you, guaranteed.

Can it be any more perfect? I think not.

What’s even better than the costume are the reviews people are leaving on the product.

Get your official Dancing Hotdog costume here.