27 Parents Who Absolutely Slayed Halloween

Listen. Being a parent is really really hard. Not only do you have to like, keep kids alive, you also have to keep them fed and washed and out of trouble. So when parents create amazing costumes for their kids or go the extra step and join them in a costume, it’s heart-warming and I’M NOT CRYING, YOU’RE CRYING.

1. This Hobbes dad:

2. The father of these two (yes, two!) sons:

3. The inventor responsible for this amazing costume:

4. This stranger mom:

5. The parent who sent their kid to school like this:

6. Whoever crafted this Aliens power loader:

7. This really really awesome mom:

My son has cerebral palsy and is in a wheelchair. So my wife made him a paw patrol vehicle for Halloween.

8. This hysterical dad:

9. Whoever created this brilliant sink costume:

My brother is a sink for halloween

10. The girlfriend who made this paper mache skull:

11. The parents of dumb and dumber:

They’re driving an ’84…sheepdog.

12. The mom who made this:

13. The creators of this “cutebacca”:

Cutebacca v2 from pics

14. This Homer and Marge:

Our Little Maggie was a surprise back in March, but she really rounded out the family costumes this year! from pics