9 Ways To Turn Yourself Into A Meme For Halloween

If you’re looking to stay culturally relevant and “on fleek” this Halloween while remaining pretty unique, why not pull from our favorite things in the entire universe? Obviously, we all love memes. Hell, I make a living off of looking at memes 95.5% of my day (the other 4.5% I’m busy making love to my fourth cup of coffee). It’s no secret that Millennials and Memes are synonymous in today’s day and age. And, let’s face it – we’re sick and tired of seeing the same old costumes year after year – we get it, you’re a mouse, duh. Spicing things up can sometimes be hard because you’re constantly having to explain who/what you are dressed up as, but, if you go rocking a viral meme character, everyone will know who you are.

1. Cash Me Ousside, How Bow Dat?

Everyone knows who this girl is – unfortunately. Since her debut on the Dr. Phil Show, she’s gone pretty viral as everyone used her to answer people who were “popping off” to them. It’s a great costume that’s pretty DIY and inexpensive. How to do it? Grab a pair of green-colored pants, some cheap black heels, a black tank top, a red-ish wig and some fake acrylic nails. You’ll need some fake gold hoops, a fake gold chain and to practice that horrible, horrible accent – how bow dat?

2. Mocking Spongebob

Why be regular Spongebob when you can be Mocking Spongebob?!? This meme went viral on the web this year because, well, it’s brilliant. What’s a better response to people who bother you and/or piss you off than to mock them and repeat back the dumb thing they said to you in the first place. Get yourself a white button down t-shirt, a pair of brown shorts, a tie, a small hat and grab those googly-eye glasses from a Party City or other Halloween store nearby. Perfect.

3. Kellyanne Conway Couch

Kellyanne Conway sucks, honestly, but if you’re going to dress up as her at all, it better be to mock her. Look like the ultimate sleazebag and pretty out-of-place human being by showing up to the Halloween party, sitting inappropriately in a dress and texting the entire time. Grab yourself a bleach blonde wig, a red dress and go barefoot and inappropriately to any party you attend.