30 Memes For Everyone Who Lives & Breathes Halloween

Time to get spooky, witches.

It’s that time of the year again, y’all. Pumpkin everything, Halloween movies on every channel, and of course being able to decorate everything you own in all things spooky because ‘TIS THE SEASON – AM I RIGHT!?! What’s more exciting than when that chill in the air hits your bare legs because you’re wearing the smallest costume you could find for the 12 Halloween parties you’ve been invited to.We all love Halloween, and we all love memes. So, here are the best of both worlds. You’re welcome.

1. Why does this remind me so much of myself?


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2. Our childhood shows didn’t hold back.

follow @netflixbums for the best posts ???

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3. Why can’t the news always be fun?

4. If I wasn’t going to dress up my cat before, I am now.


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5. At least we’re not screaming “Hello?!?”

hi I want Wendy's

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