Model Speaks Out After Getting ‘Rape Threats’ For Her Unshaven Legs

Today, it’s more common than not for people to have the guts to dare and be different. Even with social media tracking our every move most days, there are those who are fierce enough to go against the grain and do as they please, like model Arvida Byström.

Hi I made tiny little underwear for cherries this summer so here is a lil tb. #?

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Byström is a model and artist that has been known to go against the norm and not shave her body hair. For years now, she’s made a statement against the habit and her Instagram is true to form as she poses in beautiful photos that often times include snapshots of her armpit or leg hair. While many leave some negative comments about her decision, Byström has never thought twice about changing her decision to keep it natural.

She recently landed an Adidas ad campaign called “Superstar” that features “superstars of tomorrow” and influencers that are making waves in society, such as Byström herself. In the ad campaign, she speaks about feminity and what it means to her – while showing off a pair of Adidas sneakers. While what she said holds great value, many could not get past the fact that her legs were unshaven.

After her ad was posted online, people began leaving extremely rude and disrespectful comments on the video and her social media profile.