Trick Or Treat Yoself With This Husband’s Pumpkin-Themed Dudeoir Shoot

The advent of the dudeoir shoot ushered in a new trend in photography. The traditional male gaze of the camera got flipped on its head and blessed us with naked dudes, hair in their glory, splayed out and covering their junk demurely. It wouldn’t be funny if it was serious. It would be kinda gross. But it’s not totally serious, so it is funny.

Anyway. While dudeoir has been around for a while, it’s never been done as October-y and full of class as photographer Gayla Thompson and her husband managed.

“We’ve done a couple dudeoir shoots this summer just having fun and allowing me to test out some camera settings for my photography,” Thompson told me when I asked about the inspiration behind the irrevocably majestic shoot.

“They were a BLAST and blew up online so we thought we have to continue the trend and do a fall shoot.”

“It was stormy and beyond windy and the pumpkin patch was closed but I wanted to shoot in a storm so we grabbed the uneven couple pumpkins we had at home and did it anyways!”

“And the mood…I’d like to say it was sexy since he is my husband and i was watching him half-naked through a lens but….I couldn’t help but just LAUGH!!!”

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