College Student Creates Powerful NSFW Photo Series Featuring The Most Sexist Comments From Donald Trump

After the Presidential Election and Donald Trump’s win, many women in America felt as though they had been betrayed. Donald Trump has not only been an openly sexist, misogynistic, and horrible human for years but, other women had voted him into office knowing all of these things. It makes some of us feel as though women don’t feel as though we’re important enough to support and, that makes me angry. It makes other women angry, as well. Like, Aria Watson, a freshman at Clatsop Community College. Watson may be from a small coastal town in Oregon, but her voice is loud enough to shake the country. Her recent art project has gone viral around the world because of its powerful message. Although it’s NSFW, the project titled “#SignedByTrump” is something all women, and all Americans should see.

For her “Introduction to Photography” class, Watson photographed nude women in their most natural state with Donald Trump’s worst and most sexist remarks against women painted across their bodies.

Watson told

“Like many other Americans, at first I thought the campaign was a joke. I couldn’t believe [Trump] was running for president! I don’t think anyone knew he was going to win.”

Watson had begun the photo series before Trump won the election, but after his win, she decided it was important to continue and have her voice (and many other women’s voices) heard.

“As a proud feminist, hearing Trump say ‘grab them by the pussy’ and talk about how he could do anything he wanted made me absolutely sick. Women are not objects.  The fact that he has said this, and other things like this, but still won is what scares me. I’m afraid that words, and even actions, like this will become a social norm.”

People on Twitter have shown immense support for this project, sharing the photos, articles featuring them online, and the hashtag Watson created.

This amazing work of art goes to show everyone that your voice should never be silenced, especially in troubling times like these in America. Watson is a great example for not only young women but also all young adults to realize there are ways to get your point across in rewarding and positive ways, and hopefully, will bring forth the change we so desperately need in society right now.