Someone Should Check On Donald Trump Because Snoop Dogg Just Annihilated Him In This Instagram Video

In 2017, it’s no secret that Donald Trump having a Twitter account is the worst thing that ever happened to America. Instead of, oh I don’t know, running a country, Trump decides to spend his time running his mouth in – now – 280 characters or less. F*ck our lives, right? While Trump is supposed to be a highly respected person in American society, he’s turned into what seems to be the laughing stock of the entire world. I mean – should we just go through some of his tweets?

When he called Hillary Clinton a loser:

When he called a foreign leader “Little Rocket Man:”

When he said transgender individuals couldn’t serve in the army:

Need I even say more? It’s f*cking appalling that this man is allowed to run a country when he doesn’t hold even a bit of moral conscious to think about what he says (or tweets). This time around, Trump decided to slam the NFL – once again – after players decided to take a stance and kneel during the National Anthem. I, for one, support any form of peaceful protest in the United States of America – as it’s our constitutional right to not only peaceful protests but, also, freedom of speech. But, President Trump completely disagrees with me.

Anytime I read anything Trump tweets, I need to take a very, very deep breath before even processing what he’s said. But, it seems as though some celebrities thought it was about damn time to give this man what he deserves.