30 Hilarious Halloween Costumes That Will Make You Spit Out Your Coffee

Halloween season is officially upon us. From the classic group and witty crowd pleasers to the downright wrong and politically incorrect, costumes are essentially the best part of this holiday. While Halloween gives us adults the excuse to gorge on candy and booze, half the fun is seeing what everybody else is wearing. Whether you planned to be Khaleesi 6 months ago, scraped everything together at Walmart last minute, or you’re one of those few soulless beings that hate Halloween, these 30 costumes are sure to make you LOL… and maybe give you a little inspiration for this year.

1. Ginger Bread Man

Image result for ginger bread man costume

2. Ron Swanson and a Slab of Bacon

3. Stripper Elmo

4.  Hello Kitty

5. Dwight from The Office