27 Parents Who Absolutely Slayed Halloween

15. The father of this hobo:

Hobo on Halloween from pics

16. This really parent:

My baby’s first Halloween from pics

17. Whoever made this fantastic snail suit:

That snail costume with the trail behind it is well done from pics

18. This rad dad:

My daughter and I for Halloween from pics

19. This father of presidential twins:

Baby Medvedev and Baby Putin – Annexing Halloween. from pics

20. The parents who made this mousetrap I DON’T EVEN CARE IF IT’S THE SAME ONE:

My son getting ready for his first time trick or treating from pics

21. Whoever dressed these twins:

Wayne’s World twins for Halloween

22.It’s just so good! I can’t stop!

Happy Halloween from my family to yours! ??? from pics

23. Whoever put what must have been weeks of work into this Pennywise costume:

My friends kid’s costume from pics

24. This throwback mom and dad:

’95 Throwback Costume from pics

25. The parents of this baaaaaad boy:

Halloween Biker Baby!

26. Whoever found this adorable teeny lil suit:

He made the face without being prompted from funny

27. The people responsible for this group costume:

These kids for Halloween from funny