A Boy With A Rare Cancer Got His Halloween Wish When His Mom’s Facebook Post When Viral

Cancer sucks. Plain and simple, it is the absolute worst. It is something we are all affected by whether it’s directly or indirectly. And, it doesn’t get much sadder than pediatric cancer. Innocence being affected by such a monstrous disease is one of the worst things imaginable. I’m no doctor sitting behind this keyboard, but feeling helpless to give these little warriors hand sucks.

In Brock Chadwick’s case, we can all help bring a little light to this brave young man. He was diagnosed early this year with Glioblastoma. This is a form of cancer that is attacking his brain and spine. Sadly his mother has also reported recent MRI’s show tumors continue to spread. It’s getting to the point where they are not sure if he will be able to trick or treat or attend any Halloween parties. Can you imagine being 7-years-old and looking forward to one of the most exciting Halloween parties of the year?

His parents put out a Facebook post asking people to “send Brock some cards” to celebrate Halloween, as he may be too sick to even leave the house. After putting out the message online – it went viral. News of “Brocktober” is spreading globally and letters are flooding in from all around the world.

At this point, I know we’re all on the same page – what can we do to help?