People Confess Why They Dumped Their Partner Right Before The Holidays

A lot more couples break up right before the holiday than you think. While it seems like a really crappy thing to do to someone, some people feel as though they have no other choice. There is more to it than just not wanting to buy gifts for your SO or not wanting to spend the holidays with their family. There never really is a good time to breakup with someone so the holidays are not a valid excuse to stay with someone because of timing. People share how they pulled off the breakup and their valid reason for doing it.

Anthony, 21

“I wanted to start my new year off fresh, completely fresh with a new person.”

Josh, 23

“Not only did I not want to have to buy her gifts, but I didn’t think I could eat another dinner with her obnoxious family.”

Arnold, 23

“My mother had been sick for a while and I wanted to spend my holiday with her, not with a girl that required too much of my attention.”

Jen, 22

“I wasn’t planning on keeping him around in the New Year so I didn’t want to drag it on any longer than Christmas. I will admit I waited until after we exchanged gifts.”

Alex, 24

“It was the week before Christmas and we were on our way to look at outdoor christmas lights at some house that is known in for that in our area. I thought the idea was stupid so I told her on the way there. She immediately requested that I turn around and take her home.”