This Woman’s Tweet About Losing 200 Pounds After Her Breakup Is So Petty It Should Win An Award

Sometimes, when we go through a breakup, we get really down in the dumps and depressed. Other times, we’re so angry and ready for revenge, we reach our peak petty moments. This is Miranda – who is obviously a blonde bombshell. Not only is this girl stunning, but, she’s also clever as hell. I aspire to be as brave and savage as she is in my life – at least once.

She took to Twitter to tell her friends and followers some really great “weight loss news.” But, it’s not your typical “I dieted and went to the gym and lost 10 pounds.” Nope, instead, she told her friends that after a guy called her “disgusting,” she dropped 200 lbs. – aka, she deaded his ass.

Honestly, this girl deserves an award. What a way to go out and stick it to the man (or that poor sap, who clearly, took the L). Twitter, of course,  was applauding the sh*t out of this woman because, she deserves it.

Ladies, take notes – drop that weight like a bad habit.