People Confess Why They Dumped Their Partner Right Before The Holidays

Ben, 25

“She wanted the most expensive gifts and I just had been laid off. I couldn’t afford to get her what she wanted and I knew there would be someone else out there who could, so I cut it off. We ended up getting back together after the holidays.”

Sarah, 23

“We had been dating for eight months but I had yet to meet his family. On Christmas day when he finally let me come around, he introduced me to his relatives as his “friend.” I didn’t stay for dinner I grabbed my stuff and left. I sent him a text saying it was over and to enjoy his new year without me.”

Sam, 24

“After being in a relationship for a steady five years I realized that I needed some time for myself. I didn’t want to end my year in the same relationship that I had been in for so long that I was no longer feeling. We broke up right before the New Year.”

 Brian, 23

“Sad but I had to break up with her right before the holidays because I was too cheap to buy any gifts. It would have been out first Christmas together but sh*t happens.”

 Amy, 20

“He cheated on me right in front of my eyes at an Ugly Christmas Sweater party in early December. Safe to say we didn’t make it to see the holidays as a couple.”