People Confess Why They Dumped Their Partner Right Before The Holidays

Jane, 22

“He invited me over for Christmas dinner and following dinner his ex showed up for coffee. He claimed it was because his mom and ex were close and that his mom had invited her. The next day  I found texts on his phone with his ex inviting her to the party we were going to be at on New Year’s Eve. The relationship ended there.”

 Greg, 24

“I had been cheating on my girlfriend with someone else for the last three months and didn’t have the courage to tell him. I also felt guilty and didn’t make to go through the holidays together and then breakup so I ended things before. Still to this day never told her I cheated.”

Jenna, 24

“He invited me to go on vacation with his family right after the holidays and I knew that his parents were not the biggest fans of me so to save everyone the trouble I ended it with him before the holidays even began. He was able to move on to someone else quickly and she took my spot on the vacation.”

 Hannah, 23

“I wanted a New Year’s kiss at midnight and I wanted it to be with someone other than my boyfriend. When I came to that realization I knew I had to break up with him before the holiday.”