TV Fans Share Their Thoughts On Characters That Completely Destroyed A Really Good Show

TV shows come and go but the infamously notorious characters stay to tell their stories. There are those that we love and then there are those we can’t stand. But the beauty of it is that it is exactly what a story is an about. We have our beloved main characters and we also have the villains which we hate but make the plot twist that much more interesting. What I mean to say is that although we simply cannot stand those characters, they make the story follow through and in return have us hooked for hours and hours to see if Pete realizes it’s been Sarah who has been sabotaging his efforts to get it going on with Brenda. But then there are those that just simply do not make sense. Like out of nowhere appears 50-year-old Bob. Who’s Bob? and why is he hanging with teenagers? Well, we won’t ever really know but it’s usually just a hopeful way to boost ratings when nothing else worked. Many redditers agree that there just simply were some characters that never really quite fit into the crowd if you know what I mean.


April on Gilmore Girls. I get they needed an obstacle, but come on, a love child?edit: I don’t dislike the character, I dislike how she was used purely as a plot point


Glee. That time when they removed all the Glee club kids and replaced them with people who’s names I don’t even remember.


The Fairly Odd Parents when they added that abominable talking fairy dog Sparky, holy hell what an awful idea. And now it’s gotten worse again since they added Chloe.

Edit: For those unaware of the horror that is Chloe, feast your eyes.


That 70’s show after Eric left. Just awful.


When they replaced Steve from blues clues.. new guys ruined the show, never was the same again.