10 ‘90s TV Stars Who Got Really, Really Hot In 2017

It’s no secret that ’90s television was by far the greatest of all time. Shows like Full House, All That and Keenan & Kel had us entertained all night long. However, the bowl haircuts, the dorky personalities, and nerdy individuality had us mostly only laughing and not crushing over these stars. It is crazy to think that a decade can go by and some of these child stars have completely peaked. It’s also amazing what a decade can do for you. And now the stars that we once looked at as being infested with cooties are now considered to be oh so “hot.” So, sit back, relax and grab your Mountain Dew Code Red and bask in the glory that is puberty.

1. Josh Peck.

Can we talk about this transformation? We never looked at Josh as more than a best friend or brother figure. That is so not the case anymore. Josh seriously provides hope for all the boys of the future. It is possible you too will be attractive one day.

2. Kel Mitchell.

Kel Mitchell had us hysterically laughing on our couch late at night in Kennan & Kel. The fast food employee is now a father of three. He might have lost the spot on Saturday Night Live against his co-star Kennan but we all know who won the looks between the two.

3. Daniel Lee Curtis.

Cookie from Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide is not looked at as a cute, chubby boy anymore. Talk about peaking; who would have thought Daniel could bounce back from that.

4. Shia LaBeouf.

From nerdy and straight up gross to sexy and flirty, Shia has made such a transformation. His childhood roles, like Louis in Even Stevens, convinced us that boys most definitely have cooties. That is so not the case anymore.

5. Joseph Gordon Levitt.

From being a kid on “That ’70’s Show” to major fox in adulthood, Joseph has made such a transformation. No more bowl cuts and devious smiles, but instead a sexual hair flow and flirtatious half smile.