Walmart’s New ‘Dunk ‘N Crunch’ Packs Will Take You Right Back To Your Childhood

There are some snacks and food that take us right back to the times we were rushing home from school to kick off our shoes, jump on the couch, and wind down with some of our favorite cartoons. Some of our childhood favorites, sadly, have been discontinued over the years–which, breaks every ’90s kid’s heart.

Yet, there’s always someone listening to our ridiculous complaints about “bringing back” the best of the best. Walmart, apparently, has had their ear to the crowd and knows exactly what we want–Dunkaroos. Dunkaroos were easily one of the best snacks from the ’90s that disappeared from the market far before it should have. If you are one of those kids who never got the chance to snack on these bad boys, that’s unfortunate. Internet users have been complaining for quite some time about the loss of a legacy.

The snack pack was delicious, sweet, and savory all in one with cookies and a perfect serving of frosting on the side. The best ones, in my opinion, were the funfetti ones–but, they also came in plain vanilla and chocolate (a little something for everyone). Stores do not sell them anymore, unfortunately, but thanks the Internet we know we can get them on Amazon (but they are always sold out).

People online that run DIY blogs and YouTube channels have tried to find ways to recreate our childhood fave, but, it somehow falls short. Sure, you can buy Teddy Grahams and animal crackers and a pint of frosting and go to town–but, don’t try to tell me it’s the same. It’s just not.

Walmart’s new Dunk N Crunch is literally a carbon copy of our beloved Dunkaroos–but, supersized. There’s definitely more frosting given in Walmart’s and the cookies look bigger, too. They’re not the same as Dunkaroos, okay, but hey–it’s something.

Not to mention Walmart is selling these babies for less than $3. I’m obviously sold.