Here’s How Old Your Favorite Childhood TV Shows Are Turning This Year

There are some cartoons and TV shows from our childhood we will always remember. No matter what channel we preferred (Nickelodeon forever), the TV shows we used to watch were classics we will forever cherish. There’s something about kids shows now that just makes us question what writers are doing. There’s nothing like those ’90s cartoons we all enjoyed every weekend growing up. But, when you stop and think about how old each TV show is turning in 2018, you’ll feel way older than you want to. Ease up, grandpa, it’s only a few decades.

Rugrats: 27-years-old.

Dexter’s Laboratory: 22-years-old.

Arthur: 22-years-old.

Hey Arnold!: 22-years-old.

Johnny Bravo: 21-years-old.