7 Small Signs He’s Just Not That Into You

It is a common story we have all probably heard one too many times already. Girl meets boy. Girl falls head over heels for Boy. Boy is not all that interested. Girl gets sad over boy. Girl wonders if she will ever find love. Boy is out there doing his own thing. Girl is heartbroken forever until she finds new Boy to pine over. There is even a romantic comedy about it. The entirety of that movie is factual and I stand by that claim. This story has turned into a vicious cycle that so many girls become sucked into. How do you know if you have become part of the cycle? How do you find the courage to fall for another person if every guy you fall for doesn’t return the love?

1. He always says you two should chill, but he never follows through with plans.

If he was really that into you, he would take any chance he could get to see you. Guys who aren’t that into you will say you two should get together sometime, but “sometime” turns out to be never. If a guy doesn’t make any effort to actually see you and you end up with a text-only relationship, it’s not real, girl. You deserve to be with someone who wants to see you and enjoy your company. Don’t keep trying to impress someone who makes little to no effort. Move on.

2. You always are the one to initiate a conversation between the two of you.

If you’re sending the first text, Snapchat, direct message – anything – every time, he’s not that into you. We all know how stupid we look when we’re constantly chasing after something we’ll never get. Do yourself a favor: check your text history with the guy you’re crushing on. If it’s mostly blue/green bubbles on that screen – it’s a red flag. You shouldn’t be the one always trying to get his attention. Let him come to you. And, if he doesn’t come to you – bye.

3. He will go a long period of time without speaking to you.

Along with texting first, you shouldn’t be having conversations with yourself. If you’re trying to initiate a relationship with someone, they should want to talk to you frequently. I’m understanding that life can get busy and messy – but you shouldn’t be texting an empty box. If he’s not answering you, or even trying to touch base with you a few times a week, it’s a major sign that it’s not going to work out.