If You Got These Gifts For Christmas, Twitter Thinks You’re Officially Adulting

Remember when you were younger and you had a Christmas List that was 5 pages long filled with toys, gadgets, and fun items? Now, as we get older, we look at holidays and birthdays as an opportunity to ask for things we need instead of thing we want. Whereas back in the day we may ask for a new Polly Pocket set, a new gaming system, or an expensive accessory you’ve been eyeing, we’ve grown to ask for things like kitchen items, cleaning supplies, and whatever we can’t afford to buy ourselves anymore. One thing is for sure, the minute we get excited about getting socks for Christmas, we’re officially old as dirt. According to Twitter, there are some simple ways to know you’re officially adulting during the holiday season and it all boils down to what you ask your parents and family to buy you.

Really, who wants to spend the remainder of their paycheck on household appliances when we can barely afford to pay rent and electric? 

Plus, some of the kitchen supplies we want are just out of our “paycheck to paycheck” budget.

There’s nothing like making a list of things you actually need in your life–like sheets because no one wants to sleep on the ones we’ve stained with late-night snacks in bed.

Or, that area rug to complete your apartment aesthetic.

Or, say, a heated blanket.

Some people really put their head in the game when it comes to asking for gifts–this genius asked for a gas gift card and I’m officially taking notes.

A month of student loan payments? BRILLIANT.

I wonder if I can request bill payments as my birthday gift next week.

Basically, if you have moved on from asking for things that you want to play with for say, a few weeks, and then put it in the corner of your room or apartment only for it to collect dust, you’re adulting. If you thought logically about what to ask for and really requested things you need for adult things, well, you’re adulting. Thanks Twitter, for reminding me how f*cking old I’ve gotten.