18 Times Kids Movies Let Filthy Jokes Fly By Without Us Knowing

You gotta feel for parents. They have to watch so many kids movies a year their minds are slowly melted by them. Do you remember how many times you watched Toy Story as a kid? Well your parents do. It was a lot. You made them sit through Toy Story so many times they actually Googled “Geneva Convention” to see if it qualified as a war crime.

That said, the fine folks who make kids movies know that this is the case. That’s why every once in a while, they’ll throw in a joke or a reference that will fly right over the heads of children, and have their parents laughing for a brief respite. You didn’t notice them as a kid, to this day you might not even know they were there. Right under your nose.

Redditor paesoo asked “What is the funniest “adult innuendo” from a childhood movie you didn’t catch as a kid?” and the people answered:

1. “Space Jam” from 2354DarkKnight:

In Space Jam Bugs Bunny acts like a wooden board after Lola flirts with him. Did not understand that until much later

2. “Robots” from Dadoaesop:

In Robots, the father is running down the street yelling “I’m gonna be a dad!!!” because his son is about to be born. When he gets home, a delivery truck is just leaving, and his wife says “oh, honey, I’m sorry, you missed the delivery…. but that’s ok, making the baby is the fun part” and holds up the box they are given with the parts to build their child with.

3. “Goonies” from Gonzostewie:

In Goonies, when they’re trying to glue the statue’s dick back on, Mikey says “Guys, that’s my mom’s favorite piece. Mouth says “You wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t”

The first time it clicked for me, I nearly pissed myself.

4. “El Dorado” from Bobdog1994:

The intro to road to Eldorado, when the two Armadillo jump behind a bush and the Bush shakes violently for 5 seconds, then an entire family of Armadillo jump out.