18 Times Kids Movies Let Filthy Jokes Fly By Without Us Knowing

15. “Rango” from FreeDobby2k18:

The entirety of Rango. Like the scene where he has to explain how Rattlesnake Jake is his half-brother, he says his mom had an interesting dating life.

16. “Shrek” from BucherundKaffee:

Shrek: So that’s Farquad’s castle?

Donkey: Yep, that’s the place.

Shrek: Do you think he might be compensating for something?

Later in the movie

Fiona: You know what? Stop it. Stop it both of you. You know you’re just jealous that you’ll never measure up to a great ruler like Lord Farquad.

Shrek: Well, Princess, maybe you’re right. But I’ll let you do the measuring when you see him tomorrow. Or honestly anything from this movie.

17. “Ghostbusters” from spookypanys:

The scene in the original Ghostbusters when a ghost unzips Dan Akroyd’s pants in the bedroom and a little…something, something…is implied. Never got it. Watched the movie as an adult before the remake was released and freaked out that I had watched that as a kid!

18. “Shrek” from Ronaldraegansdick:

Guess its more of a general “adult” joke, but the name farquad in shrek was written meaning fuckwad in reference to Michael Eisner or something. It made the movie so much funnier.