18 Times Kids Movies Let Filthy Jokes Fly By Without Us Knowing

5. “Aladdin and the King of Thieves” from ace2049ns:

In Aladdin and the King of Thieves, when the thieves raid the wedding. The ground is shaking because of a stampede and the genie says, “I thought the ground wasn’t supposed to shake until the honeymoon.”

6. “Ratatouille” from Meretrice:

From Ratatouille, Linguini is trying to confess the real reason everyone thinks he can cook:

Linguini: [hesitantly] I have a secret. It’s sort of disturbing. I have a ra… I have a raaaaa…

Colette: You have a… rash?

Linguini: No no no. I have this-this tiny, uh, little… little…

[Collette quickly glances down at Linguini’s pants.]

7. “Madagascar” from Maximus125:

I only recently realized that Sugar Honey Iced Tea in Madagascar stands for Shit.

8. “Rocko’s Modern Life” from goatywizard:

Rocko’s Modern Life. The had a restaurant called the Chokey Chicken, a game called Spank the Monkey, and at one point Rocko worked as a sex line operator. Mrs. Bighead calls in and he is saying “Oh baby, oh baby”, with a sign behind him that says “Remember – Be Hot, Be Naughty, Be Courteous”.

They weren’t even trying to hide it, and it still took me 15 years later to realize.

9. “Wallace and Gromit” from Rawshark96:

In Wallace and grommit Wallace is stripped of his clothes and his manhood is only covered by a box. The box has “may contain nuts” printed on the side.

10. “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” from huesofelktongue:

In the grinch there’s a scene where they explain that “who babies” are delivered to their parents from the sky in baskets with umbrellas. One of the baskets lands in front of a house and the dad finds it and yells something like “honey, our baby’s here!” And then he takes a puzzled look at the baby and says “looks just like your boss”