9 Ways That Sex IRL Is Absolutely Nothing Like It Is In Movies

4. You definitely don’t look as good having sex as actors/actresses do.

When you’re having sex, you don’t look like a movie star, sorry. Most films have lighting, makeup artists and a lot of setting spray to make every single angle look perfect. There’s no way your booty is glistening beautifully like the morning sun when your boyfriend flips you over, in fact, you probably look like you just ran a mile. And, your hair is definitely not A1.

5. Sex is usually really messy.

Sex is messy and smelly and sweaty most of the time. When you watch movies, you don’t see all of it because – it’s shot over and over again. Think about it, how many takes do they go through to get the “right shot?” Dozens, sometimes even more. They don’t show the sheets coming off your bed, the underwear all over the floor, the “clean up time.” *ugh*

6. There’s…noises.

Don’t act like you’ve never made a weird noise during sex and you and your partner stopped and laughed about it for a good five minutes. Sex is no picnic or “magical experience” most of the time, until you hit that big finish and then – it’s pure bliss.