The Internet Is Super Pissed At Guy Fieri For Feeding Displaced California Fire Victims

So, Guy Fieri the Food Network star who looks suspiciously a lot like the lead singer from Smash Mouth is under criticism. Whether you love or hate Fieri I think we can all agree feeding thousands of people in need is a pretty awesome act of charity. Guy Fieri is a native of California and had to evacuate his home at 2 a.m. on Monday due to the fires sweeping across the state. Luckily, his house was spared. But, for other people, they weren’t as lucky. He was back serving food to displaced families and first responders by Thursday morning. He linked up with the Salvation Army in Santa Anna and ended up feeding over 5,000 people who were displaced.

Sounds like a f*cking awesome deed – right? But, of course, people are pissed.