People Noticed Something Very Wrong With The Rock’s New Movie Poster, And Responded Hilariously

The internet is not happy with the design team behind Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson’s newest movie poster. The poster is for The Rock’s newest action flick ‘Skyscraper.’ The movie takes place in the near future, and The Rock will be playing Will Ford. Ford is called in to inspect the security of the tallest building in the world, The Pearl. If you’ve ever seen any of The Fast and Furious movies with Dwayne Johnson, you know the laws of physics aren’t taken into account. It’s an action film not everything is going to be realistic but after The Rock released the ‘Skyscraper’ poster to the internet things got very mathematical. The internet is roasting the design team behind this poster with a little help from science. Ever heard of it? People noticed that the jump The Rock seems to be making is unrealistic and they proved it with intellect!

The original ‘Skyscraper’ poster.

After The Rock Shared it online people were quick to realize something’s didn’t seem to add up.

People were not playing games things started to get serious.

I mean like really serious…