The Internet Is Super Pissed At Guy Fieri For Feeding Displaced California Fire Victims

The people of the Internet are upset because Guy Fieri was obviously being insensitive when he brought a barbecue smoker to cook for thousands. How dare he cook that food with fire with all that’s going on around him? Why couldn’t he bring a few pressure cookers? Pop-tarts from a toaster would have been the respectable choice. Perhaps a toaster oven to feed the thousands of hungry people? The considerate thing would have been to microwave a few thousand hot pockets. SHUT UP! The best way to feed the masses is a good old fashion barbecue. He fed these people delicious barbecue out of the kindness of his heart and of course, people find something wrong with it.

I mean come on! This guy could just be a troll,  but people were actually bothered by the BBQ! Enough so that Guy Fieri ended up being questioned about it. I just can’t imagine how some people can twist this into a negative. How can you look past the fact these people were in need and he stepped up. This sunglass rocking, spiky-haired, hero comes rolling through on a bus straight outta flavor town serving up some fire BBQ for people in need.

Fieri told press:

If that’s what you think and you’re that shallow at a time like this with what we’re facing, then there’s no changing your mind about that. This isn’t a PR stunt. You don’t see my banners up. I’m not promoting anything. I’m just here cooking. This is feeding people. People need help, and I’m here to help. That’s it.

Not all heroes wear capes guys, some heroes wear ridiculous flamed button-down shirts. In a world that literally seems to be burning around us it’s nice to see a little good going on, so just appreciate it.

This man isn’t looking for attention or promoting any travelling barbecue service. If you think this is some grand scheme for him to make money you’re off the mark. This is a person who made a choice to help a place and people that meant something to him.  Like I know many people would in a position to help out he stepped up to the plate. Just someone looking out for the place they came from no alternative motive. For this Mr. Fieri, I commend you. For those of you insufferable people who actually have a problem or find any form of negative from his actions all I can say is you, are the reason we can’t have nice things.