These Are All The Celebrities Who’ve Had To Evacuate Because Of The L.A. Wildfires

Celebrity status comes with a ton of perks for sure, immunity from natural disasters doesn’t happen to be one of them. Since L.A. is such a hot spot for the rich and the famous, obviously these fires are affecting some of them. Now, it’s estimated that the blazes have impacted over 100,000 Californians celebrities or not. While this list is dedicated to the celebrities, who had to be evacuated let’s not forget all the people dealing with this disaster. If you’re looking to help out families in need of essentials, check this link out. Holiday season or not think about what these families are going through who have just completely lost everything.

Imagine leaving for the holidays and coming back to no house at all in the new year. This is the harsh reality countless families are dealing with right now. The wildfires raging throughout southern California have been estimated to burn over 270,000 acres and over 1,000 buildings. As of now, that would make it the 3rd largest fire in California since 1932. Due to future weather forecasts, the fires are expected to burn into January, so this very well can become the worst fire in California’s modern history. Send some thoughts and prayers Y’all.

Hopefully, the thousands of brave firefighters working day and night can get things under control soon. Along with the countless people in southern California., some celebrities have also been forced to evacuate their L.A. homes. We’re glad to hear that they’re all safe and with their family.  Their thoughts give a scary reminder of the disaster Cali is facing right now. Like I said, thoughts and prayers, people.