Woman Shares Gut-Wrenching Photo Of Her Sick 7-Month-Old Niece To Show The Importance Of Vaccinations

The vaccination debate is one that seems to be ongoing with numerous mothers around the world. Despite the scientific testing and proven benefits of vaccinating children, there are many who believe vaccinations cause neurological problems to children at a very young age. While vaccinations can save children’s lives, prevent many diseases, and have even eradicated many diseases, some mothers believe the chemicals used in vaccines can be toxic, don’t believe there should be any place or government agency that “requires” children to get vaccinated, and that it infringes on ones religious and personal rights. However, more often than not, when mothers do not vaccinate their children, it leaves them susceptible to illness, like Alecia Rankin’s 7-month-old niece. The aunt shared a photo of her niece on Facebook. According to the post, the 7-month-old developed HIB flu, which is not necessarily the everyday flu, but instead a bacteria that usually is protected by receiving vaccines.

Reason #1736493983283763 to vaccinate your kids? My 7 week old niece has HIB flu. So rare that her doctor hasn’t seen it in her career because this bacteria caused by HIB flu was all but eradicated by vaccines. The first being the one babies get at 2 months, which she hasn’t gotten yet. So before you decide not to vaccinate your children because “it’s your choice” and “those who are vaccinated won’t be affected” remember that babies can get sick before they have the chance to get their vaccine.

*Tomorrow we will know the results of the spinal tap for meningitis. Hopefully this was caught early enough for it to be negative. And although it’s named HIB flu, it’s not a type of influenza. The HIB virus caused a bacterial infection in her blood.#vaccinate #HIBflu

*Update: Aryn got to go home today and thankfully is doing well. Our family appreciates the well wishes, thoughts and prayers.

Reason #1736493983283763 to vaccinate your kids? My 7 week old niece has HIB flu. So rare that her doctor hasn’t seen it…

Posted by Alecia Rankin on Sunday, December 3, 2017

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, HIB flu stands for Haemophilus influenzae and is a type of bacteria that usually only affects young children. It is caused by a bacteria that can be spread through sneezing, coughing and other air-born breathing issues from those who carry the bacteria. However, it can be prevented by receiving the vaccine when children are young. The CDC states:

Hib can cause severe diseases, including meningitis, but Hib disease is vaccine-preventable. Your child should get the full series of Hib shots as a baby, as well as one booster shot when they are 12 through 15 months old.

Many people commented on Alecia’s photo agreeing that there is a huge importance in vaccinating children.

But, others felt that Alecia was using the photo of her niece to spread “propaganda” about vaccinating children.

Either way, where ever you stand on the side of the debate, we’re glad to see that this adorable baby is home doing better and overcoming her illness.