17 Hilarious Gifts For The New Mom In Your Life

Whether you have your own kiddos or not, shopping for a baby shower is always an interesting experience. Most of the time you either fall back on the practical gift like a giant pack of diapers and wipes or a couple of cute onesies. Other times you might go out of the way to find that fancy overpriced mobile from the registry. While these are all nice gestures, we’d prefer to give the new mommy something to laugh about. Each of these hilarious gifts is sure to make any baby shower a hoot.

17. A baby rattle that looks like a tiny dumbbell.


Watch out for swole baby!

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16. This adorable baby onesie to let mom know its time for a change.


My word, I’ve done it again.

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15. This utterly hilarious Crib Dribbler prank gift box that’s sure to get some laughs and probably punches.


Calm down, Carol it’s just a joke.

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14. A tiny tortilla swaddle and cap set that makes the cutest little breakfast burrito.

Uncommon Goods

Please refrain from eating your baby.

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13. The ultimate dirty diaper survival kit.


Dad, you’re up!

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12. This ridiculously cute baby mustache pacifier for nights out with mom.


Goes perfectly with the “Shat my pantaloons” onesie, just sayin’.

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11. A Siracha Baby outfit that’s sweet with plenty of kick.

Uncommon Goods

We might just need the adult version of this costume.

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10. These Pee Pee Teepees to protect you from unexpected streams.

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Lookin’ at you, little men.

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