Someone Accused Chrissy Teigen Of Just ‘Spending Other People’s Money’ And She Clapped Back Hilariously

Chrissy Teigen is well known for Snapchatting her meals and cooking endeavors. When it comes to food, the model is always on the top of her game. But, when Chrissy decided to Snapchat an unfortunate incident that happened just last night–well, the trolls were awoken on Twitter. Here’s what went down.

Chrissy Teigen got up on Snapchat showing off a delicious dinner she was making. It looked bomb.


Then she added an extra kick, and it looked even more delicious.


Yeah, she did that.


But, her bad luck got the best of her and she totally dropped the entire dinner. On the floor. Ouch. My soul.



Teigen shared the story on her Twitter account, too.

But, she also admitted she ate it anyway–becasue who wants to waste this beautiful cut of meat?

A lot of people were telling Chrissy she’s admirable for eating the meal and not wasting food.

But, one Twitter troll had a nasty comment for Chrissy, saying she lives her life spending “other people’s money.”

Have no fear though, Chrissy Teigen is the queen of clap-backs and had the perfect, most savage response.

That’s right, $13.5 million of her own damn money, bish. Just because her husband’s famous, doesn’t mean she doesn’t have her own. You better recognize.