Chrissy Teigen Shared A Super Honest Video Of Her Post-Baby Stretch Marks And Mom’s Everywhere Are Praising Her

Chrissy Teigen is a goddess to mom’s everywhere for her real and candid demeanor on social media about being a mother.

Teigen has always been honest about the struggles that she’s gone through while pregnant and post-baby with her daughter, Luna, and now with her son, Miles. Recently, Teigen shared a photo on Instagram wearing those awful mesh panties the hospital makes you wear home after giving birth.

Women online were humored and thankful there is a celebrity out there who is cool enough to be so raw online. This week, Teigen shared in the frustration that many other mothers go through after giving birth to their second child–the stretch marks. On her Instagram stories, Teigen shared a video of the stretch marks she has on her hips with a crying face emoji.


As any mother knows, having kids can leave you with some stretch marks–especially when it’s your second kid. While some celebrities like to make pregnancies and motherhood look easy, fans were grateful to Teigen for sharing real-life problems.