Sia Tweeted A Nude Photo Of Herself So A Sleazy Paparazzo Couldn’t Sell It And She’s My New Hero

Sia is one of the most legendary female vocalists of our day. As many do not know, she’s been around the industry for much longer than you’d imagine. But, she’s been topping the charts today with serious bangers like “Chandelier” and “Cheap Thrills.” She’s also known to keep herself pretty “hidden” and “private” by recently hardly ever showing her face in public or during performances. But, with one quick Google search, you can see what this bombshell looks like IRL.

But, not only does Sia slay on vocals, she also slays the f*cking haters and paparazzi that try to ruin her “image.” Recently, someone snapped a photo of Sia naked on vacation. Basically, it’s a photo of her backside while she enjoyed some sun without any tan lines. Like any other complete and total scumbag, the person tried to sell the photo to her fans for some serious profit. After she caught wind of what’s going on, she decided to clap-back the way only legends do.

By tweeting the photo out herself and making it impossible for the person to gain any profit from it.

I am screaming. Can you imagine being that strong of a woman to be like – hey guys, here’s me naked, no need to pay for it! What a f*cking savage. And, Twitter couldn’t stop praising her.