Kim Kardashian Dressed Up As Cher For Halloween & It Was So On Point, Even Cher Loved It

Kim Kardashian is usually the Queen of Halloween. The reality TV star and mother-of-two (almost three) is known to go all out with her costumes and look exactly like whomever she is trying to be. I mean, if I had a makeup team and a hair team and someone to make my costumes for me – I’d always look 100% on fleek, too, girl. Over the years, Kim has dressed up as some iconic characters and people from the entertainment industry like:

Princess Jasmine:

Poison Ivy:


Little Red Riding Hood:

The Little (Blonde) Mermaid:

But, this year, Kim decided to team up with her BFF Jonathan Cheban and go as the most iconic musical duo ever known to man – Sonny and Cher.