Kim Kardashian Dressed Up As Cher For Halloween & It Was So On Point, Even Cher Loved It

Kim teased her Halloween costume on her Twitter account when she showed off a long, black wig she’d be rocking over her fresh platinum blonde hair. People were trying to guess what she was going as – an old version of herself? Just kidding, that’s wack.

But, everyone knew she was coming to own Halloween – as she always does.

Kim and Jonathan stepped out as Sony and Cher at first, on her Twitter account with a cute (and kind of awkward) video. First of all, they win at Halloween. This costume is so accurate and on point. Second of all, Kim’s abs are slaying me on their own. Why can’t I look like this? Oh, right, because I just ate 4 chocolate donuts for breakfast.

Kim showed off just where the two got their inspiration for their costumes from – throwing it back to the original outfits from Sonny and Cher.

Everyone was hella impressed by this look.

But, Cher herself was even loving the costume and shouted out Kim on Twitter so show her love.

Now that’s ICONIC.