‘Eleven’ From Stranger Things Has Long Hair Now & She’s Unrecognizable

Stranger Things has become a pretty huge phenomenon culturally across the world since appearing last year on Netflix. With the new season just dropping for Halloween weekend, people are sitting home binge watching it instead of getting wasted in a field somewhere dressed as a pumpkin – so it’s a win/win. In the first season of the show, we met some of the best child actors I’ve seen in quite some time and really got to know the in’s and out’s of being stuck in an ’80’s horror movie.

The iconic “Eleven” played by Millie Bobby Brown was everyone’s favorite addition to the show when she walked out, bald and bleeding. Unless you’ve seen the show, you can’t really understand. Either way, she was bad-ass from the start and continues to be (I’m in the middle of Season Two, so, trust me). She was recognizable as the character because of her buzzed head and, of course, always eating Eggos.

Yes, Millie Bobby Brown actually buzzed her head in order to play this role – talk about dedication. But, now, the actress doesn’t have to keep her head shaved, as *spoiler alert*, Eleven isn’t in the lab any longer, so she doesn’t have to continuously have her head buzzed.

What a difference, right?

People were floored by the fact that Eleven had a little bit of hair this season.

Well, it gets even stranger (see what I did there) when you see Brown with her hair grown out entirely. At first, I barely recognized this beauty as Eleven because she looks like a whole new person, but, she is absolutely stunning.

@finnwolfhardofficial I’m so blessed to have a great (on screen romance) with this lovely boy! Eleven loves you ⭐️

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I’m giving this look an 11.

*Don’t hurt me*