There’s A ‘Hey Arnold’ Movie Coming Out & The Trailer Will Give You All The Feels

Remember when you were kids and you’d turn on Nickelodeon and watch back-to-back cartoons all day long? Some of the best shows of the ’90’s came from Nick, including The Rugrats, Doug, Catdog and Hey Arnold (just to name a few). As the years have gone by, new replacements have taken over the tube and our beloved ’90’s cartoons have become ancient history (until streaming came about and we can find out favorite shows all over again). And, now, some cartoons are being revamped into movies – like Hey Arnold.

The cartoon show about a football-shaped headed kid who lives with his grandparents in the coolest bedroom ever was definitely a fan-favorite in the ’90’s. Between live lessons and even some “adult jokes” we didn’t understand until we were older, Hey Arnold was a winner in all of our books. Now, Nick is coming back with a Hey Arnold movie on November 24th and the trailer looks absolutely insane.

Arnold and his friends are going on a school field trip with P.S. 118 to the same place where his parents had originally disappeared all those years ago – which means, they’re obviously going to look and find out just what happened to his folks. All of our favorite characters are making a comeback including Helga’s awkward shrine to Arnold (is it still made of bubble gum?)

Obviously, people are hyped AF for this to drop.