25 Times We Wished Chrissy Teigen Was Our Mom

Yesterday, one of our favorite celebrity couples shared the news that they’re expecting their second child in the most adorable way you could imagine. Chrissy Teigen and John Legend are about to expand their family and their daughter Luna helped with the unbelievably cute reveal. Chrissy Teigen killing it as always with a strong caption game. Thanks to good old Twitter Teigen has shared her adventure of being a new mommy with Luna and we thank her for it because it is amazing. If you don’t follow her on Twitter you really are missing out. It’s nice seeing a celebrity couple actually seem happy and not crashing and burning. Quite the opposite with these two lovebirds. Chrissy Teigen and John Legend seem to have a relationship that anyone would be jealous of, fame aside. I guess as the kids would say these days. they are “goals.”

it's john's!

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Now since Teigen is about to do the whole pregnancy thing round two we are looking forward to her hysterical tweets to come. Seems like we have some time to kill until the arrival of their next kid, at least a few months. To hold you guys over here’s a list of Chrissy’s Teigen’s best mommy tweets. And I’m actually kind of getting jealous of Luna right now. 

1. When someone asked where she was during one of John’s performances she responded perfectly.

2. She fears no troll. Just more of a reason to wish she was your mom.

3. Helping us appreciate the little things that come with being a mommy.

4. How can she be THAT good looking and have THIS good of a sense of humor?

5. Luna’s face looks like she knows what is really going on here.